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pictureArtefil snc has been working in the manufacturing of steel wire and stainless steel for over 30 years.

With the word "wire" (commonly used, but not exactly correct in its definition), we refer to an alloy of iron and carbon with the latter in a lower percentage of 2.06%, but with the term stainless steel, we refer to an iron-carbon alloy with addition of chromium that creates a product incredibly resistant to corrosion. This distinction is very important for the business strategy of the company because it permits it to work with clients from different areas of the global market:

  • food and health-sterilization: for exemple grills for cheese and meat productions, grills and baskets for sterilization, sanitary tools, industrial baskets for washmachines;
  • advertising displays for the big and the small distribution and their relative accessoires: hangers, baskets, depliant holders, checkouts for stores;
  • electronic, car field and home appliances: safety covers and engine covers;
  • home and office furnishing
  • special baskets used to engine particular automatic implants and wash machines;

In our head office placed in  Cavallirio (NO) we have  around  30 workers and employees  with a high percentage of  female workers( 80 %).




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